Rates & Process

  • All pages including cover page, appearances, index, read letters, et cetera will be charged in the total.


  • Sundays don’t count as business days in turnaround time.


  • $0.40 per page for standard: 49 to 72 hours.


  • $0.60 per page for rush: 24 to 48 hours.


  • $0.80 per page for expedite: immediately to 23 hours.


  • Rates apply to 25 lines per page.  Pages with 28 lines will cost an additional $0.05 per page.  


  • Add $0.10 per page for high-research jobs.  (I would talk to you first.)


  • Turnaround time begins when I send acknowledgement of receiving your transcript. This is based in Central Standard Time.


  • Proofreading to audio is not offered at this time.


*** I reserve the right to bill at a higher rate for especially messy transcripts or those that have not been fully scoped.  As I start reading, I will contact you if this is the case. ***



  1. First-time clients or one-time jobs: I will send an invoice right away with payment due upon receipt.

  2. Regular clients: I will send invoices on the 1st and 15th of the month and expect payment within 14 calendar days.

  3. Late fees of 20% will be assessed if payment is not received by the due date listed on an invoice and will continue to accrue 2x per month.


  • Please send me your transcripts in PDF format.  It is much cleaner for you to convert your document to PDF on your end.  If you need a PDF converter, there is one at www.cutepdf.com


  • I will return your corrected pages via e-mail as a PDF.  You may view these corrections on your screen side by side with your CAT software, on a tablet, or by printing them out.  Next, you make the corrections to your CAT file as you see fit.  (The annotated PDF cannot be converted back into your CAT file.)


  • You should see both RED and YELLOW corrections.  All pages included in your correction PDF will have corrections or notes of some kind (no “blank” pages).  You MUST open in the latest version of Adobe Reader for all corrections to be visible.


  • If you know you have a large job (150-plus pages), please send it to me in chunks as you complete it.  Especially for rush jobs!

  • The job needs to be complete and as close to turn-in ready as possible before sending it to me.  Final draft.  I will not scope your document.  This doesn’t mean you can’t have errors.  While I do bill per page, I also take extra time into consideration.  Please see my rates above.


  • OPTIONAL: I have a preference sheet available for you to fill out, or you can send me yours.

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